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Neo4j client for Scala using Akka-Http

All existing Scala clients try to be too clever adding obfuscation on top of the communication, creating a limiting DSL, or not using true non-blocking communication.

At its core this client will attempt to be a very clean and representative client allowing full use of Neo4j with Akka-Http in an entirely non-blocking way while still remaining true to the Cypher query language.


Fully functional API that supports the majority of use-cases but ongoing development is still happening to make it more useful and convenient.

Features for 1.0.0

  • [X] Asynchronous, true non-blocking IO with Akka HTTP
  • [X] Cypher String Interpolator
  • [X] Cypher Query Parser
  • [X] Cypher Query Parser via Macro on Interpolation at compile-time
  • [X] Structured QueryResponse
  • [X] Macro support for extracting case class from QueryResponse

Features for 1.1.0

  • [ ] Insert and update from case class into database
  • [ ] Transactions
  • [ ] Practical Pagination support


In desperate need of help. For now just look at the tests until we can get the first release finished.


neo4akka is published to Sonatype OSS and Maven Central and supports JVM with 2.11 and 2.12:

libraryDependencies += "com.outr" %% "neo4akka" % "1.0.1"



The only import necessary to use neo4akka is the following import along with an execution context for futures:

import com.outr.neo4akka._

import scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext.Implicits.global

Creating a Session

Supply the host, port, and credentials to validate and establish a session with neo4j:

val sessionFuture[Future[Neo4Akka]] = Neo4Akka("localhost", 7474, "neo4j", "password")

Creating a Query

With neo4akka's powerful Cypher language interpolation (uses neo4j's built-in query validation) we can create compile-time validated Cypher queries with ease:

val name = "Tom Hanks"
val query = cypher"MATCH (p: Person {name: $name}) RETURN p"

If the query is malformed compilation will fail and injected arguments are properly assigned to the argument list for sending to the database as unique arguments.

Executing a Query

Since our Neo4Akka instance may or may not have completed yet, we can flatMap the Future in order to execute the query against the database and get back a Future[ResultSet]. For the purposes of this example, we'll simply do a blocking Await to get the ResultSet:

val resultSetFuture[Future[ResultSet]] = sessionFuture.flatMap(session => session(query))
val resultSet: ResultSet = Await.result(request, Duration.Inf)

Processing Results

Now that we have a ResultSet we can access the return p from our query by name and use a compile-time Macro to populate a case class Person with the values:

case class Person(name: String, born: Int)

val people: Vector[Person] = resultSet("p")[Person]


Because neo4akka uses Akka Actors internally, it must be properly disposed to release the ActorSystem and ActorMaterializer.

Note: An instance of Neo4Akka uses Akka HTTP for true asynchronous non-blocking IO, so there is no state or unsafe reference information stored in the session.