The goals of this library are to provide a great API to use Cypher, and it will be modeled after Anorm from Play, which I found to be pleasant to use with SQL. More info about Anorm can be found here: http://www.playframework.org/documentation/2.0.4/ScalaAnorm

Integration tests currently run against neo4j-community-2.1.3.

The latest release is 0.9.0. Version 0.9.0 depends on the play-json and play-ws libraries from Play 2.4.3. If you need to use AnormCypher in Play 2.3.x, please use version 0.7.0.

AnormCypher does not support transaction before 0.9. The last release without transaction support is 0.8.1.

As of version 0.5, AnormCypher uses play-json and Scala 2.11.

If you want to use scala 2.10, you need to use version 0.4.x (latest is 0.4.4)

If you want to use scala 2.9, you need to use version 0.3.x (latest is 0.3.1).

Programming language: Scala
Tags: Database     Tools     Neo4j    

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