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Scala Parser Combinators

Scala Standard Parser Combinator Library.
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Performant Functional Programming to the max with ZIO

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Monads - Part 2 - Tacit Programming - Automatic / Point-Free Kleisli Composition

In this video we will learn about tacit programming aka the point-free style in which functions are composed without passing points (function arguments) around. We will see how monads play the central part in the composition of kleisli arrows. We will start with the IO Monad.
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A modular set of unopinionated primitives for servicing HTTP and WebSocket requests in Scala.
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Tutorial 1 - Customized `parTraverse` using `Deferred`

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Best Scala Tutorials & Courses

You can check the best scala tutorials or courses recommended by experts at Letsfindcourse.
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The Play Scala Template Compiler
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Laminar vs OutWatch

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  • Laminar - Efficient reactive UI library for Scala.js
  • OutWatch - A purely functional and reactive UI framework based on Rx and VirtualDom

MacWire vs Scala-Guice

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  • MacWire - Scala Macro to generate wiring code for class instantiation. DI container replacement.
  • Scala-Guice - Scala extensions for Google Guice

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  • ZIO adds asynchronous stack traces, full execution traces & fiber ancestry traces
  • Applicative diagram (FP Foundation)
  • An attempt at explaining Type Parameters
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Extensible effects are an alternative to monad transformers for computing with effects in a functional way.
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sbt 1.3.0-RC1 released | @lightbend

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Scala native mocking framework
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Applicative diagram (FP Foundation)

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Quill vs Slick

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  • Quill - Compile-time Language Integrated Query for Scala
  • Slick - Modern database query and access library for Scala.

Lagom vs Akka

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  • Lagom - Framework for creating microservice-based systems.
  • Akka - A toolkit and runtime for building highly concurrent, distributed, and fault tolerant event-driven applications.


Scala DSL allowing a declarative approach to composing OWL expressions and axioms using the OWL API.
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Monix vs RxScala

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  • Monix - Extensions to Scala’s standard library for multi-threading primitives and functional reactive programming. Scala.js compatible.
  • RxScala - Reactive Extensions for Scala


FRP and web abstractions, which can be plugged into any web framework (currently only has bindings for Lift).
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Pure functional incremental text parsing library for Scala, based on Attoparsec.
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Finatra vs Play

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  • Finatra - A sinatra-inspired web framework for scala, running on top of Finagle.
  • Play - Makes it easy to build scalable, fast and real-time web applications with Java & Scala.

Monads - Part 1 - What is a Monad?

This is an introductory video to the Monad mini series. We will learn what Monads are and what problems they are trying to solve. Furthermore we will learn about Kleisli arrows and Kleisli composition. Apart from that we will write a small library for functional programming.
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Fast Parse

Fast to write, Fast running Parsers in Scala
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A boilerplate-free Scala library for loading configuration files.
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  • Community and Communication
  • AST playground: recursion schemes and recursive data
  • Three easy endpoints
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Efficient reactive UI library for Scala.js
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Three easy endpoints

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json4s vs circe

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  • json4s - Project aims to provide a single AST to be used by other scala json libraries.
  • circe - JSON library based on Argonaut, depends on Cats

Skinny Framework

A full-stack web app framework upon Scalatra for rapid Development in Scala.
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