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Scala compiler plugin for static code analysis
Featured Package // Category Tools



Convenient and performant logging library for Scala wrapping SLF4J.
Featured Package // Category Extensions

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A purely functional Cassandra client built using ZIO on top of the Datastax Java Driver
Featured Package // Category Database


FAR.js - Cross-platform File and Archive Manager app
Featured Package // Category React.js


The Play JSON library
Featured Package // Category JSON

Experimenting with actors in ZIO

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The Functional and Reactive Web-Frontend Library for Scala.js
Featured Package // Category Reactive Web Frameworks

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  • Scala 3 Full-Stack Project-Based Course from Rock the JVM
  • RFC-1: sbt cache ideas
  • Functional Data Modeling in Scala
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Next generation user interface and application development in Scala and Scala.js for web, mobile, and desktop.
Featured Package // Category Web Frameworks

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Library to read, analyze, transform and generate Scala programs
Featured Package // Category Extensions

Scala 3 Full-Stack Project-Based Course from Rock the JVM

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Flexible Scala code linting tool
Featured Package // Category Tools

Scala Graph

Graph for Scala is intended to provide basic graph functionality seamlessly fitting into the Scala Collection Library. Like the well known members of scala.collection, Graph for Scala is an in-memory graph library aiming at editing and traversing graphs, finding cycles etc. in a user-friendly way.
Featured Package // Category Extensions


A sbt plugin for creating distributable Scala packages.
Featured Package // Category Sbt plugins


RTree2D is a 2D immutable R-tree for ultra-fast nearest and intersection queries in plane and spherical coordinates
Featured Package // Category Geospatial


Emil is a library for dealing with E-Mail in Scala.
Featured Package // Category Misc

Awesome Scala Weekly » 356

Top Stories
  • Functional Event-Driven Architecture: paper copies are now available!
  • sbt 2.0 ideas
  • Reimplementing gnu utils with Scala Native
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Lightweight and Nonintrusive Scala Dependency Injection Library
Featured Package // Category Modularization and Dependency Injection


Scalable genomic data analysis.
Featured Package // Category Big Data


The Couchbase Monorepo for JVM Clients: Java, Scala, io-core…
Featured Package // Category Database

Reimplementing gnu utils with Scala Native

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sbt 2.0 ideas

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Bloop is a build server and CLI tool to compile, test and run Scala fast from any editor or build tool.
Featured Package // Category Tools


The fastest logging library in the world. Built from scratch in Scala and programmatically configurable.
Featured Package // Category Extensions


A scala diff/patch library for Json
Featured Package // Category JSON