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The Streaming-first HTTP server/module of Akka.
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fast, flexible and intuitive JSON for Scala
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ScalikeJDBC vs Anorm

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  • ScalikeJDBC - A tidy SQL-based DB access library for Scala developers.
  • Anorm - The Anorm database library

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  • TIOBE: Scala cracks top 20
  • Functional Programming with Kafka Streams and Scala
  • Signup form to become a (mentored) contributor to Scalaz 8 projects (closes 5/25)
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A tidy SQL-based DB access library for Scala developers.
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Scalaz 8: A Whole New Game (video) - flatMap(Oslo), May 2018

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MacWire vs Scala-Guice

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  • MacWire - Scala Macro to generate wiring code for class instantiation. DI container replacement.
  • Scala-Guice - Scala extensions for Google Guice

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A Scala DSL for talking with databases with minimum verbosity and maximum type safety.
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Announcing Scala.js 0.6.23

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Play Google Auth Module * 12 ⧗ 4

A very simple implementation of Google OpenID Connect authentication for Play 2 applications.
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Functional Programming with Kafka Streams and Scala

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argonaut vs circe

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  • argonaut - Purely Functional JSON in Scala.
  • circe - JSON library based on Argonaut, depends on Cats


Modern single-page applications running on the server side
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TIOBE: Scala cracks top 20

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Spire-based DSL for scientific cloud computing.
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Scalatra vs Finatra

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  • Scalatra - Tiny Scala high-performance, async web framework, inspired by Sinatra.
  • Finatra - A sinatra-inspired web framework for scala, running on top of Finagle.

Traits and their superpowers

In this video we will learn about the majority of use cases for traits - interfaces on steroids. We will learn how to add functionality to existing classes, even the ones whose code we cannot access! We will learn how to modify behavior with the "Stackable modifications" pattern, which can also be used to intercept behavior. Most importantly we will learn about linearization - a solution for the issues which commonly arise with multiple inheritance and diamonds.
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Simple, safe and intuitive Scala I/O. better-files is a dependency-free pragmatic thin Scala wrapper around Java NIO.
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A tiny, portable testing library for Scala.
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spray-json vs jackson-module-scala

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  • spray-json - Lightweight, clean and efficient JSON implementation in Scala.
  • jackson-module-scala - Add-on module for Jackson to support Scala-specific datatypes.

play-silhouette vs play-pac4j

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  • play-silhouette - Authentication library for Play Framework applications that supports several authentication methods, including OAuth1, OAuth2, OpenID, Credentials or custom authentication schemes.
  • play-pac4j - Security library managing authentication (CAS, OAuth, OpenID, SAML, LDAP, SQL, JWT...), authorizations and logout for Play 2.x in Java and Scala.

Scala 2.13.0-M4 is now available

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Awesome Scala Newsletter » 105

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  • Running Play on GraalVM
  • Announcing the 2018 Scala Developer Survey
  • Intent to adopt the Apache License 2.0 for Scala
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Fast, Scala-friendly logging bindings on top of SLF4J. Uses macros for extreme performance.
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Salat vs ReactiveMongo

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  • Salat - ORM for MongoDB. A related Play-plugin is also available.
  • ReactiveMongo - Reactive Scala Driver for MongoDB.

scalafmt vs Scalariform

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  • scalafmt - Opinionated code formatter for Scala
  • Scalariform - Scala source code formatter

Announcing the 2018 Scala Developer Survey

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A React wrapper for Scala.js - write simple Scala code - get shouldComponentUpdate() for free.
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Intent to adopt the Apache License 2.0 for Scala

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