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OpenStreetMap PBF2 file parser
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  • What if I told you, Scala compiler can understand SQL queries?
  • Great presentation (ammonite/scala scripting) by Li Haoyi
  • Reactive Streams in Scala: Akka Streams vs Monix - part 1
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FACTORIE vs Figaro

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  • FACTORIE - A toolkit for deployable probabilistic modeling, implemented as a software library in Scala.
  • Figaro - Figaro is a probabilistic programming language that supports development of very rich probabilistic models.



Library that adds an intelligent HTTP routing layer to the Finagle RPC framework from Twitter.
Featured package // Category HTTP

Quill vs Slick

Popular comparison
  • Quill - Compile-time Language Integrated Query for Scala
  • Slick - Modern database query and access library for Scala.

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A React wrapper for Scala.js - write simple Scala code - get shouldComponentUpdate() for free.
Featured package // Category JavaScript

RxScala vs Scala.Rx

Popular comparison
  • RxScala - Reactive Extensions for Scala
  • Scala.Rx - An experimental library for Functional Reactive Programming in Scala (reactive variables). Scala.js compatible.


Scala style checker.
Featured package // Category Tools

MacWire vs Scala-Guice

Popular comparison
  • MacWire - Scala Macro to generate wiring code for class instantiation. DI container replacement.
  • Scala-Guice - Scala extensions for Google Guice


Real Time Aggregation based on Spark Streaming.
Featured package // Category Big Data

Scallop vs Scopt

Popular comparison
  • Scallop - a simple Scala CLI parsing library
  • Scopt - Simple scala command line options parsing.


A library to make using DynamoDB with Scala simpler and less error-prone.
Featured package // Category Database

circe vs argonaut

Popular comparison
  • circe - JSON library based on Argonaut, depends on Cats
  • argonaut - Purely Functional JSON in Scala.


Processing framework with powerful stream- and batch-processing capabilities.
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sbt 1.0 beta2 - Tech Hub Blog

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Fast json parser (According to them, competetive with java gson/jackson speed).
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Apache Spark vs Scalding

Popular comparison
  • Apache Spark - Big data platform
  • Scalding - A Scala binding for the Cascading abstraction of Hadoop MapReduce.

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Awesome Scala Newsletter » 57

Top Stories
  • How I learned to stop worrying and love the frontend - Hilarious talk on JS and Scala in the browser
  • Scala Scripting: Getting to 1.0
  • ScalaFiddle comes to Medium – embed interactive Scala code in blog postings
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CSV handling library for Scala with multiple backends.
Featured package // Category CSV

scalafmt vs Scalariform

Popular comparison
  • scalafmt - Opinionated code formatter for Scala
  • Scalariform - Scala source code formatter


Performance & memory footprint measuring, regression testing.
Featured package // Category Testing

ND4S vs Breeze

Popular comparison
  • ND4S - N-Dimensional arrays and linear algebra for Scala with an API similar to Numpy. ND4S is a scala wrapper around ND4J.
  • Breeze - Breeze is a numerical processing library for Scala.

Scala 2.12.3 will significantly speed up compilation

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Scala GraphQL implementation
Featured package // Category Web Frameworks

Monix vs RxScala

Popular comparison
  • Monix - Extensions to Scala’s standard library for multi-threading primitives and functional reactive programming. Scala.js compatible.
  • RxScala - Reactive Extensions for Scala

Scala Scripting: Getting to 1.0

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