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Scalable genetic data analysis
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the first chunk of Scala Love 2020 videos is out!

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Laika v0.15.0

A new version of Laika has been released
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Image io, resize, manipulation and thumbnails.
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sbt 1.3.12

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The Scala API for Quantities, Units of Measure and Dimensional Analysis.
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circe - Part 4 - Golden Testing

In this video we are going to learn about golden testing and see how easy it is to manage your golden files with circe-golden.
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Write html as scala code and have your ide syntax check it.
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Scallop vs Scopt

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  • Scallop - a simple Scala CLI parsing library
  • Scopt - Simple scala command line options parsing.

sbt 1.3.11

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Slick vs Quill

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  • Slick - Modern database query and access library for Scala.
  • Quill - Compile-time Language Integrated Query for Scala

play-pac4j vs play-silhouette

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  • play-pac4j - Security library managing authentication (CAS, OAuth, OpenID, SAML, LDAP, SQL, JWT...), authorizations and logout for Play 2.x in Java and Scala.
  • play-silhouette - Authentication library for Play Framework applications that supports several authentication methods, including OAuth1, OAuth2, OpenID, Credentials or custom authentication schemes.


Work with systemd.time like calendar events in Scala
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Emil is a library for dealing with E-Mail in Scala.
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Simple project to quickly start developing a web application using AngularJS and Akka HTTP, without the need to write login, user registration etc.
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Scalatags vs Binding.scala

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  • Scalatags - Write html as scala code and have your ide syntax check it.
  • Binding.scala - A reactive web framework. It enables you use native XML literal syntax to create reactive DOM nodes, which are able to automatically change whenever the data source changes.

Airframe vs MacWire

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  • Airframe - Dependency injection library tailored to Scala.
  • MacWire - Scala Macro to generate wiring code for class instantiation. DI container replacement.

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  • Google Cloud Functions supports Java and Scala
  • Ammonite support in Metals
  • A Bloop Tour for Metals users
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Play JSON v2.9.0

A new version of Play JSON has been released
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First class syntax support for type classes in Scala.
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Google Cloud Functions supports Java and Scala

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cornichon v0.19.1

A new version of cornichon has been released
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A fast build server for Scala with a rich ecosystem of build tool and IDE integrations.
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Scala Love

Podcast about the Scala Programming Language and its community
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The Scala Logs

Interviewing developers, open source contributors, subject matter experts, and the like to talk about FP, Scala, open source, and their interests.
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Breeze vs Saddle

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  • Breeze - Breeze is a numerical processing library for Scala.
  • Saddle - A minimalist port of Pandas to Scala


Blindsight is a Scala logging API that allows for fluent logging, semantic logging, and context aware logging.
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Ammonite support in Metals

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Avro schema generation and serialization / deserialization for Scala.
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