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play-pac4j vs play-silhouette

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  • play-pac4j - Security library managing authentication (CAS, OAuth, OpenID, SAML, LDAP, SQL, JWT...), authorizations and logout for Play 2.x in Java and Scala.
  • play-silhouette - Authentication library for Play Framework applications that supports several authentication methods, including OAuth1, OAuth2, OpenID, Credentials or custom authentication schemes.



A modular set of unopinionated primitives for servicing HTTP and WebSocket requests in Scala.
Featured Package // Category Web Frameworks

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Scala Parser Combinators

Scala Standard Parser Combinator Library.
Featured Package // Category Parsing


Extensible effects are an alternative to monad transformers for computing with effects in a functional way.
Featured Package // Category Extensions

Quill vs Slick

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  • Quill - Compile-time Language Integrated Query for Scala
  • Slick - Modern database query and access library for Scala.


The Play Scala Template Compiler
Featured Package // Category Templating


A boilerplate-free Scala library for loading configuration files.
Featured Package // Category Misc


Scala native mocking framework
Featured Package // Category Testing

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Scallop vs Scopt

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  • Scallop - a simple Scala CLI parsing library
  • Scopt - Simple scala command line options parsing.

Scalastyle vs scalafmt

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  • Scalastyle - Scala style checker.
  • scalafmt - Opinionated code formatter for Scala

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Scala DSL allowing a declarative approach to composing OWL expressions and axioms using the OWL API.
Featured Package // Category Semantic Web


Scalable genetic data analysis
Featured Package // Category Big Data

Scala-Guice vs Scaldi

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  • Scala-Guice - Scala extensions for Google Guice
  • Scaldi - Lightweight Scala Dependency Injection Library.

jsoniter-scala v0.55.0

A new version of jsoniter-scala has been released
New Version


Build enterprise J2EE Web applications in Scala.
Featured Package // Category Sbt plugins

Skinny Framework

A full-stack web app framework upon Scalatra for rapid Development in Scala.
Featured Package // Category Web Frameworks

Scala's isInstanceOf is an Anti-Pattern

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Scalatra vs Finatra

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  • Scalatra - Tiny Scala high-performance, async web framework, inspired by Sinatra.
  • Finatra - A sinatra-inspired web framework for scala, running on top of Finagle.


Scala-friendly companion to Typesafe config
Featured Package // Category Configuration Utility

metorikku v0.0.51

A new version of metorikku has been released
New Version


Efficient reactive UI library for Scala.js
Featured Package // Category Reactive Web Frameworks

Twitter Util v19.8.0

A new version of Twitter Util has been released
New Version


Machine learning in Scala
Featured Package // Category Machine Learning

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