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Freasy Monad

Easy way to create Free Monad using Scala macros with first-class Intellij support.
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PredictionIO vs MLLib

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  • PredictionIO - machine learning server for developers and data scientists. Built on Apache Spark, HBase and Spray
  • MLLib - Machine Learning framework for Spark

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A clean-room implementation of a metaprogramming toolkit for Scala.
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Play monadic actions vs Lamma

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  • Play monadic actions - A simple scala DSL to allow clean and monadic style for Play! Actions
  • Lamma - A Scala date library for date and schedule generation.

Manning's Deal of the Day: FP in Scala

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Add-on module for Jackson to support Scala-specific datatypes.
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Scaldi vs Scala-Guice

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  • Scaldi - Lightweight Scala Dependency Injection Library.
  • Scala-Guice - Scala extensions for Google Guice

Generic Rest API Services using Akka-Http

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Random Data Generation and/or Property Testing in Scala & Scala.JS.
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Finatra vs Play

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  • Finatra - A sinatra-inspired web framework for scala, running on top of Finagle.
  • Play - Makes it easy to build scalable, fast and real-time web applications with Java & Scala.

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  • Awesome Error Messages for Dotty
  • ANNOUNCE: Akka HTTP 3.0.0-RC1
  • The Unsound Playground - Breaking Java's and Scala's Type Systems
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Scala wrapper for Apache TinkerPop 3 Graph DSL
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ReactiveMongo vs Casbah

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  • ReactiveMongo - Reactive Scala Driver for MongoDB.
  • Casbah - Officially supported Scala driver for MongoDB

Use npm packages in Scala.js with scalajs-bundler

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Modular multi-objective evolutionary algorithm optimization library enforcing immutability.
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Http4s vs

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  • Http4s - A minimal, idiomatic Scala interface for HTTP.
  • - Purely Functional REST API atop of Finagle.

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A sbt plugin which helps deploying Apache Spark stand-alone cluster and submitting job on cloud system like AWS EC2.
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ScalaMeter vs Gatling

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  • ScalaMeter - Performance & memory footprint measuring, regression testing.
  • Gatling - Async Scala-Akka-Netty based Stress Tool.


A Protocol Buffer generator for Scala.
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Parboiled2 vs Fast Parse

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  • Parboiled2 - A Fast Parser Generator for Scala 2.10.3+.
  • Fast Parse - Fast to write, Fast running Parsers in Scala

Awesome Error Messages for Dotty

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A boilerplate-free Scala library for loading configuration files.
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  • - Purely Functional REST API atop of Finagle.
  • Http4s - A minimal, idiomatic Scala interface for HTTP.


Manages installation, updating, downloading, launching, error reporting, proxying, multi-server management, and much more for your stand-alone and web applications.
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Powerful framework providing many useful utilities and features on top of the Scala language.
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A Scala open source quantitative trading platform
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- Scala command-line wrapper around ffmpeg, ffprobe, ImageMagick, and other tools relating to media.
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Simplified wrapper to create PDFs in Scala.
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Practical logging framework that doesn't depend on any other logging framework and can be completely configured programmatically.
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Next generation user interface framework and server engine for Scala and Scala.js.
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