Programming language: Scala
License: BSD 2-clause "Simplified" License
Tags: Database    
Latest version: v0.19.4

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Slick extensions for PostgreSQL, to support a series of pg data types and related operators/functions.

Currently supported pg types:

  • Date/Time
  • Enum
  • Range
  • Hstore
  • LTree
  • JSON
  • Inet/MacAddr
  • text Search
  • postgis Geometry

Currently supported pg features:

  • inherits
  • composite type (basic)
  • aggregate functions
  • window functions
  • Large Object
  • Pg_trgm

** Tested on PostgreSQL 11/12/13/14 with Slick 3.3.3. ** Java 8+ is required.


Before using it, you need integrate it with PostgresDriver maybe like this:

import com.github.tminglei.slickpg._

trait MyPostgresProfile extends ExPostgresProfile
                          with PgArraySupport
                          with PgDate2Support
                          with PgRangeSupport
                          with PgHStoreSupport
                          with PgPlayJsonSupport
                          with PgSearchSupport
                          with PgPostGISSupport
                          with PgNetSupport
                          with PgLTreeSupport {
  def pgjson = "jsonb" // jsonb support is in postgres 9.4.0 onward; for 9.3.x use "json"

  // Add back `capabilities.insertOrUpdate` to enable native `upsert` support; for postgres 9.5+
  override protected def computeCapabilities: Set[slick.basic.Capability] = 
    super.computeCapabilities + slick.jdbc.JdbcCapabilities.insertOrUpdate

  override val api = MyAPI

  object MyAPI extends API with ArrayImplicits
                           with DateTimeImplicits
                           with JsonImplicits
                           with NetImplicits
                           with LTreeImplicits
                           with RangeImplicits
                           with HStoreImplicits
                           with SearchImplicits
                           with SearchAssistants {
    implicit val strListTypeMapper = new SimpleArrayJdbcType[String]("text").to(_.toList)
    implicit val playJsonArrayTypeMapper =
      new AdvancedArrayJdbcType[JsValue](pgjson,
        (s) => utils.SimpleArrayUtils.fromString[JsValue](Json.parse(_))(s).orNull,
        (v) => utils.SimpleArrayUtils.mkString[JsValue](_.toString())(v)

object MyPostgresProfile extends MyPostgresProfile

then in your codes you can use it like this:

import MyPostgresProfile.api._

class TestTable(tag: Tag) extends Table[Test](tag, Some("xxx"), "Test") {
  def id = column[Long]("id", O.AutoInc, O.PrimaryKey)
  def during = column[Range[Timestamp]]("during")
  def location = column[Point]("location")
  def text = column[String]("text", O.DBType("varchar(4000)"))
  def props = column[Map[String,String]]("props_hstore")
  def tags = column[List[String]]("tags_arr")

  def * = (id, during, location, text, props, tags) <> (Test.tupled, Test.unapply)

object tests extends TableQuery(new TestTable(_)) {
  // will generate sql like:
  //   select * from test where id = ?
  def byId(ids: Long*) = tests
        .filter(_.id inSetBind ids)
        .map(t => t)
  // will generate sql like:
  //   select * from test where tags && ?
  def byTag(tags: String*) = tests
        .filter(_.tags @& tags.toList.bind)
        .map(t => t)
  // will generate sql like:
  //   select * from test where during && ?
  def byTsRange(tsRange: Range[Timestamp]) = tests
        .filter(_.during @& tsRange.bind)
        .map(t => t)
  // will generate sql like:
  //   select * from test where case(props -> ? as [T]) == ?
  def byProperty[T](key: String, value: T) = tests
        .filter(_.props.>>[T](key.bind) === value.bind)
        .map(t => t)
  // will generate sql like:
  //   select * from test where ST_DWithin(location, ?, ?)
  def byDistance(point: Point, distance: Int) = tests
        .filter(r => r.location.dWithin(point.bind, distance.bind))
        .map(t => t)
  // will generate sql like:
  //   select id, text, ts_rank(to_tsvector(text), to_tsquery(?))
  //   from test where to_tsvector(text) @@ to_tsquery(?)
  //   order by ts_rank(to_tsvector(text), to_tsquery(?))
  def search(queryStr: String) = tests
        .filter( t => {tsVector(t.text) @@ tsQuery(queryStr.bind)})
        .map(r => (r.id, r.text, tsRank(tsVector(r.text), tsQuery(queryStr.bind))))


p.s. The code samples above are for Slick Lifted Embedding SQL. Aside from that, slick-pg also supports Slick Plain SQL--for details and usages please refer to source code and tests.

Configurable type/mappers

Since v0.2.0, slick-pg started to support configurable type/mappers.

Here's the related technical details:

All pg type oper/functions related codes and some core type mapper logics were extracted to a new sub project "slick-pg_core", and the oper/functions and type/mappers binding related codes were retained in the main project "slick-pg".

So, if you need bind different scala type/mappers to a pg type oper/functions, you can do it as "slick-pg" currently did.

Built in supported type/mappers

scala Type pg Type dev 3rd-party library dependency
List[T] ARRAY no 3rd party dependencies
java.sql Date Time Timestamp slickpg Interval Calendar date time timestamp interval timestamptz no 3rd party dependencies
java.time LocalDate LocalTime LocalDateTime Duration ZonedDateTime OffsetDateTime date time timestamp interval timestamptz timestamptz (built-in) no 3rd party dependencies
joda LocalDate LocalTime LocalDateTime Period DateTime date time timestamp interval timestamptz joda-time v2.10.5
scala Enumeration enum no 3rd party dependencies
slickpg Range[T] range no 3rd party dependencies
slickpg LTree ltree no 3rd party dependencies
Map[String,String] hstore no 3rd party dependencies
slickpg InetString inet no 3rd party dependencies
slickpg MacAddrString macaddr no 3rd party dependencies
slickpg JsonString json no 3rd party dependencies
json4s JValue json json4s v3.6.6
play-json JsValue json play-json v2.7.4
spray-json JsValue json spray-json v1.3.5
argonaut json Json json argonaut v6.2.3
circe json Json json circe v0.11.2 / v0.12.3
uPickle json Json json uPickle v2.0.0
jawn json Json json jawn v0.14.2
(TsQuery+TsVector) text search no 3rd party dependencies
jts Geometry postgis geometry jts v1.14.0
locationtech's jts Geometry postgis geometry locationtech's jts v1.16.1

Warning: When your work with time data that contain Timezone, be wary of your postgres configuration. By default ZonedDateTime in Java 8 contains more information than timestamptz in Postgres. As a consequence, when you store a ZonedDateTime you are not guaranteed to get the same timezone as the original class instance. Prefer OffsetDateTime instead. cf Issue #248



To use slick-pg in sbt project, add the following to your project file:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.tminglei" %% "slick-pg" % "0.21.0-M1"

If you need joda-time support, pls append dependency:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.tminglei" %% "slick-pg_joda-time" % "0.21.0-M1"

If you need jts geom support, pls append dependency:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.tminglei" %% "slick-pg_jts" % "0.21.0-M1"
libraryDependencies += "com.github.tminglei" %% "slick-pg_jts_lt" % "0.21.0-M1"

If you need json4s support, pls append dependency:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.tminglei" %% "slick-pg_json4s" % "0.21.0-M1"

If you need play-json support, pls append dependency:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.tminglei" %% "slick-pg_play-json" % "0.21.0-M1"

If you need spray-json support, pls append dependency:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.tminglei" %% "slick-pg_spray-json" % "0.21.0-M1"

If you need argonaut json support, pls append dependency:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.tminglei" %% "slick-pg_argonaut" % "0.21.0-M1"

If you need circe json support, pls append dependency:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.tminglei" %% "slick-pg_circe-json" % "0.21.0-M1"

If you need uPickle json support, pls append dependency:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.tminglei" %% "slick-pg_upickle-json" % "0.21.0-M1"

Or, in maven project, you can add slick-pg to your pom.xml like this:

<!-- other addons if necessary -->


  • the plugins' code were ever merged to the main project and published in an all-in-one jar from slick-pg v0.7.0, to easy usage, but I restored to publish them as independent jars from slick-pg v0.10.0, because of the issue pointed out by @timcharper in #183.
  • plugin slick-pg_date2 was merged into major jar from slick-pg v0.15.0, so you needn't add it as a depencensy any more.

Build instructions

slick-pg uses SBT for building and requires Java 8, since it provides support for java.date in addon date2. Assume you have already installed SBT, then you can simply clone the git repository and build slick-pg in the following way:

./sbt update
./sbt compile

To run the test suite, you need:

  • create a user 'test' and db 'test' on your local postgres server, and
  • the user 'test' should be an super user and be the owner of db 'test'

Then you can run the tests like this:

./sbt test

ps: in the code of unit tests, the slick database is setup like this:

val db = Database.forURL(url = "jdbc:postgresql://localhost/test?user=postgres", driver = "org.postgresql.Driver")


Licensing conditions (BSD-style) can be found in LICENSE.txt.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Slick-pg README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.