Vert.x core contains fairly low-level functionality, including support for HTTP, TCP, file system access, and various other features. You can use this directly in your own applications, and it's used by many of the other components of Vert.x.

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Vert.x alternatives and related packages

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  • Monix

    Extensions to Scala’s standard library for multi-threading primitives and functional reactive programming. Scala.js compatible.
  • Scala.Rx

    An experimental library for Functional Reactive Programming in Scala (reactive variables). Scala.js compatible.
  • RxScala

    Reactive Extensions for Scala
  • typed-actors

    compile-time typechecked akka actors
  • SynapseGrid

    an FRP framework for constructing reactive real-time immutable data flow systems. It implements an original way of running and organizing event-driven systems based on Petri nets. The topology can be viewed as a .dot graph. The library is compatible with Akka and can seamlessly communicate with other actors.
  • REScala

    REScala is a library for functional reactive programming on the JVM and the Web. It provides a rich API for event stream transformations and signal composition with managed consistent up-to-date state and minimal syntactic overhead.
  • Reactive Collections

    A library that incorporates event streams and signals with specialized collections called reactive containers, and expresses concurrency using isolates and channels.
  • scala.frp

    Functional Reactive Programming for Scala (event streams).

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