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  • v1.3.2 Changes

    September 20, 2019

    πŸ›  Fixes with compatibility implication

    • πŸ“¦ sbt launcher script drops -XX:+UseParallelGC for JDK 9 and up since it could cause severe GC pauses given a large heap sbt/sbt-launcher-package#282 / #5045 by @eed3si9n
    • ⚑️ Updates to lm-coursier-shaded 2.0.0-RC3-4, which fixes the handling of Basic auth.

    πŸ›  Other fixes


    sbt 1.3.2 was brought to you by 7 contributors. Ethan Atkins, Eugene Yokota (eed3si9n), Anil Kumar Myla, Dmitrii Naumenko, Kenji Yoshida (xuwei-k), Yusuke Yamada, and Tuomas LappetelΓ€inen. Thank you!

    πŸ“š Thanks to everyone who's helped improve sbt and Zinc 1 by using them, reporting bugs, improving our documentation, porting builds, porting plugins, and submitting and reviewing pull requests.

    For anyone interested in helping sbt, there are many avenues for you to help, depending on your interest. If you're interested, Contributing"help wanted""good first issue" are good starting points. If you have ideas, come talk to us on sbt-contrib or on Lightbend Discuss

  • v1.3.1 Changes

    September 20, 2019

    πŸš€ The core artifact of sbt 1.3.1 is identical to sbt 1.3.2, but there's a bug in the sbt bash script, so we are releasing sbt 1.3.2.

  • v1.3.0 Changes

    July 17, 2019


  • v1.2.8

    December 30, 2018