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Scala.js packages

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  • FS2

    9.0 9.5 Scala
    Compositional, streaming I/O library for Scala
  • Binding.scala

    8.8 8.5 Scala
    A reactive web framework. It enables you use native XML literal syntax to create reactive DOM nodes, which are able to automatically change whenever the data source changes.
  • scalajs-react

    8.6 8.4 Scala
    Facebook's React on Scala.JS
  • OutWatch

    5.3 7.8 Scala
    A purely functional and reactive UI framework based on Rx and VirtualDom
  • sbt-play-scalajs

    4.3 4.1 Scala
    SBT plugin to use Scala.js along with Play Framework.
  • sri

    3.5 0.0
    Sri (Scalajs React interface)
  • LambdaTest

    3.3 2.8 Scala
    Functional testing for Scala.
  • Scala Test-State

    3.3 9.0 Scala
    Test stateful stuff statelessly, and reasonably.
  • scala-json

    3.0 0.0 Scala
    Compile-time JSON serialization and abstraction for Scala and Scala.js
  • React4s

    3.0 7.0 Scala
    A React wrapper for Scala.js - write simple Scala code - get shouldComponentUpdate() for free.
  • Pushka

    2.7 0.0 Scala
    Pure Scala pickler with annotations
  • Laminar

    2.4 7.8 Scala
    Efficient reactive UI library for Scala.js
  • scalajs-benchmark

    2.2 3.6 Scala
    Benchmarks: write in Scala or JS, run in your browser.