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HTTP packages

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  • Http4s

    9.4 9.9 Scala
    A minimal, idiomatic Scala interface for HTTP
  • Spray

    9.4 0.0 Scala
    A suite of scala libraries for building and consuming RESTful web services on top of Akka: lightweight, asynchronous, non-blocking, actor-based, testable
  • Akka HTTP

    9.1 8.8 Scala
    The Streaming-first HTTP server/module of Akka

    8.8 8.8 Scala
    Scala combinator library for building Finagle HTTP services
  • sttp

    8.6 9.8 Scala
    The Scala HTTP client you always wanted!
  • scalaj-http

    8.1 2.9 Scala
    Simple scala wrapper for HttpURLConnection. OAuth included.
  • requests-scala

    6.9 4.5 Scala
    A Scala port of the popular Python Requests HTTP client: flexible, intuitive, and straightforward to use.
  • Dispatch

    6.7 0.0 Scala
    Scala wrapper for the Java AsyncHttpClient.
  • Scalaxb

    6.4 0.0 Scala
    scalaxb is an XML data binding tool for Scala.
  • Newman

    5.5 0.0 Scala
    A REST DSL that tries to take the best from Dispatch, Finagle and Apache HttpClient. See here for rationale.
  • featherbed

    4.2 0.0 Scala
    Asynchronous Scala HTTP client using Finagle, Shapeless and Cats
  • Play monadic actions

    4.1 0.0 Scala
    A simple scala DSL to allow clean and monadic style for Play! Actions
  • RösHTTP

    3.8 0.6 Scala
    Unified Scala.js + Scala HTTP client API
  • lolhttp

    3.7 0.0 Scala
    An HTTP Server and Client library for Scala.
  • Fintrospect

    2.9 0.0 Scala
    Implement fast, type-safe HTTP webservices for Finagle
  • Netcaty

    1.5 0.0 Scala
    Simple net test client/server for Netty and Scala lovers
  • Tubesocks

    1.5 0.0 Scala
    A comfortable and fashionable way to have bi-directional conversations with modern web servers.
  • jefe

    1.0 0.0 Scala
    Manages installation, updating, downloading, launching, error reporting, and more for your application.
  • scommons-api

    0.6 3.8 Scala
    Common REST API Scala/Scala.js components