Finagle v19.8.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-08-06 // 10 months ago
  • 💥 Breaking API Changes

    * finagle-core: The contents of the `c.t.f.dispatch.GenSerialClientDispatcher` object have been
      moved to the new `c.t.f.dispatch.ClientDispatcher` object. The stats receiver free constructors
      of `GenSerialClientDispatcher` and `SerialClientDispatcher` have been removed.
    * 🗄 finagle-thrift: The deprecated `ReqRepThriftServiceBuilder` object has been
      removed. Users should migrate to `ReqRepMethodPerEndpointBuilder`. ``PHAB_ID=D345740``
    ⚙ Runtime Behavior Changes
    • 🐧 finagle-core: Failed reads on Linux due to a remote peer disconnecting should now be properly seen as c.t.f.ChannelClosedException instead of a c.t.f.UnknownChannelException. PHAB_ID=D336428

    • ⬆️ finagle: Upgrade to Jackson 2.9.9. PHAB_ID=D345969

    • ⬆️ finagle: Upgrade to Netty 4.1.38.Final. PHAB_ID=D346259

    • 📦 finagle-base-http: Moved c.t.f.http.serverErrorsAsFailures out of its package object, which changes its name from com.twitter.finagle.http.package$serverErrorsAsFailures to com.twitter.finagle.http.serverErrorsAsFailures. PHAB_ID=D353045

    • 📦 finagle-thrift: Moved c.t.f.thrift.maxReusableBufferSize out of its package object, which changes its name from com.twitter.finagle.thrift.package$maxReusableBufferSize to com.twitter.finagle.thrift.maxReusableBufferSize. PHAB_ID=D353045