Finagle v20.5.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-05-19 // 3 months ago
  • ⚙ Runtime Behavior Changes

    * finagle: Bump jackson version to 2.11.0. ``PHAB_ID=D457496``

Previous changes from v20.4.1

  • 🆕 New Features

    finagle-redis: Add ConnectionInitCommand stack to set database and password.

    finagle-mysql: Add ConnectionInitSql stack to set connection init sql. bd4411dd

    ⚙ Runtime Behavior Changes

    • finagle-core: Requeued reqeuests due to the c.t.finagle.service.RequeueFilter will generate
      their own spanId. af490773

    🐛 Bug Fixes

    👷 finagle-core: Restrict OffloadFilter from allowing interruption of the work performed in the worker pool. This is to ensure that the worker thread isn't interruptible, which is a
    behavior of certain FuturePool implementations. f0af6ad7 59f9f2b5

    finagle-netty4: ChannelStatsHandler will now only count the first channel close(..) call when incrementing the closes counter. 3fa91944

    💥 Breaking API Changes

    🚚 finagle-toggle: Removed abstract type for c.t.finagle.Toggle, all Toggles are of type Int.
    🐎 This is to avoid Integer auto-boxing when calling Toggle.apply, thus to improve overall toggle performance. c81a87b0

    finagle-core: Retried requests due to the c.t.finagle.service.RetryFilter will generate their
    own spanId. 762471a0