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Welcome to Exercism

This is the central point of contact for Exercism.

Where to open issues

The project is divided across many repositories.

The website or product

If you have any issues or questions regarding the website (https://exercism.io) please open an issue in this repository. To report errors in the website copy or submit fixes for typos or other improvements, please see the exercism/website-copy repository.

Version 3 (v3) of Exercism

We have a separate monorepo for the V3 content at exercism/v3 - we would love your help there. The v3 website is in development at exercism/v3-website. We are not accepting contributions to the website at this time.

The Command-Line Client (CLI)

For problems with the Command-Line Client (CLI), open an issue in exercism/cli.

Exercises in a particular programming language

The exercises are all in separate, language-specific repositories. These repositories are tagged with the topic #exercism-track. From there, search for the track (programming language) you are participating in.

Unsure? Open your issue here

If you aren't sure where to open it, then pick this repository. It's as good a starting point as any!

Feeling uncomfortable?

If you need to report a code of conduct violation, please email us at [email protected].

Where to find the code

The code for the website lives in exercism/website. The code for the old website is in this repository, in the v1.exercism.io branch.

Who's behind Exercism?

Read about our Team on the site: https://exercism.io/team