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  • Scala Native

    9.5 8.6 Scala
    Your favourite language gets closer to bare metal.
  • Eclair

    8.1 9.0 Scala
    ACINQ's Lightning Network implementation written in Scala. Lightning Network is a second layer protocol built on top of bitcoin to address scalability, privacy, confirmation time and many other issues.
  • PureConfig

    7.6 8.8 Scala
    A boilerplate-free Scala library for loading configuration files.
  • BootZooka

    6.8 7.7 Scala
    Simple project to quickly start developing a web application using AngularJS and Akka HTTP, without the need to write login, user registration etc.
  • Play Swagger

    6.2 5.5 Scala
    Automatically create Swagger documentation for your Play REST API
  • REPLesent

    5.8 0.0 Scala
    A presentation tool built inside the Scala REPL. Runs code straight from your slides with a single keystroke.
  • scala-ssh

    5.1 4.9 Scala
    Remote shell access via SSH for your Scala applications
  • ScalaSTM

    5.0 0.0 Scala
    Software Transaction Memory for Scala
  • diff

    4.8 1.4 Scala
    Visually compare Scala data structures with out of the box support for arbitrary case classes.
  • Fansi

    3.9 5.5 Scala
    Scala/Scala.js library for manipulating Fancy Ansi colored strings
  • scala-debugger

    3.7 0.0 Scala
    Scala libraries and tooling utilizing the Java Debugger Interface.
  • Miniboxing

    3.5 0.0 L1 Java
    Less boxes
  • Scalan

    3.1 0.0 Scala
    A framework for development of domain-specific compilers in Scala
  • pprint

    2.8 5.5 Scala
    Pretty-printer for Scala values and types for easier reading and debugging
  • scala-pool

    1.7 0.0 Scala
    An object pool for Scala
  • YahooFinanceScala

    1.6 0.0 Scala
    Get stock data from Yahoo Finance using Akka http.
  • Ostinato

    1.4 6.1 Scala
    A chess library that runs on the server (Scala) and on the browser (ScalaJS)
  • GoogleApiScala

    1.2 0.0 Scala
    A simple scala library offering control of Google Drive, Calendar, and the Admin SDK.
  • media4s

    1.2 5.1 Scala
    - Scala command-line wrapper around ffmpeg, ffprobe, ImageMagick, and other tools relating to media.
  • powerscala

    1.2 0.0 Scala
    Powerful framework providing many useful utilities and features on top of the Scala language.
  • mailgun4s

    1.0 5.3 Scala
    Simplified wrapper to create PDFs in Scala.
  • s2gen

    0.9 0.0 Scala
    A simple static site generator written in Scala
  • pdf4s

    0.5 0.0 Scala
    A Scala open source quantitative trading platform
  • settler

    0.5 0.0 Scala
    Boilerplate-free typed settings generation in Scala.
  • Scavenger

    - -
    An experimental automated theorem prover.
  • Openquant

    - -
    A Scala open source quantitative trading platform
  • Agora

    - -
    Library of vote-counting algorithms for elections.