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  • In this video we will see how traits can be used as an alternative for packages. We will learn about self types and the differences between them and inheritance and discuss the gotchas surrounding the topic.
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  • In this video we will talk about packages - a mechanism for splitting your code into modules which may reside in separate files while maintaining the precious cohesion. It is common to discuss imports together with packages, a tradition which we will honor, however we will also see that packages and imports are very flexible concepts in Scala in contrast to other popular programming languages.
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  • Investigating use cases where Streams become eager evaluated
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  • In this video we will discuss all the possible ways to handle errors in Scala. It is mostly focused on exceptions, but also covers other interesting Techniques like Option, Either, Try, util.control.Exception.catch and friends, home baked types, external libraries and many other things. Most importantly it provides some guidance for when to use which technique.
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  • As a functional backend developer I’ve always been surprised by how DevOps stayed away of all the functional programming paradigm. Clearly the backend is leading in that domain and we’ve seen successful attempt to bring it in the frontend with Scala.JS, so why not DevOps?
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  • After having learnt about partial functions and pattern matching it is time to dive deeper and find out how to define pattern kinds of our own. For this we will have to refresh our knowledge about tuples. Learn about a new type called Option and dig quite deep down the rabbit whole to see all the magic behind case classes and discover extractors! This video got too long so it is split into 2 parts.
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  • Warning: there is so much syntactic sugar in this video that you might get diabetes! In this video we will learn what happens behind the scenes when we use (partial) function literals in Scala. We will learn about lambdas, function objects, anonymous classes, magic, partial functions and their use cases.
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  • This is the second video about objects vs data structures in which we will learn when to use which and most importantly what happens if YOU chose wrong! This video is very much related to the videos about subtype polymorphism and inversion of control. Among other things we will learn how Java lacks support for dealing with data structures whereas Scala comes prepared.
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  • In the previous few videos we started exploring the object-oriented world, but maybe we should not swim too far. In this video we discuss issues that arise from programming language dependent interpretations of object-orientation. This is the first of two videos in this series, which concentrates on issues with comparing two computational objects for equality and provides an outlook to the future of Scala.
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  • In this video we will learn about the majority of use cases for traits - interfaces on steroids. We will learn how to add functionality to existing classes, even the ones whose code we cannot access! We will learn how to modify behavior with the "Stackable modifications" pattern, which can also be used to intercept behavior. Most importantly we will learn about linearization - a solution for the issues which commonly arise with multiple inheritance and diamonds.
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  • In this video we will learn about inheritance - a mechanism for achieving modular design which as a by product allows for code reuse even though the code reuse part is frowned upon lately. We will discuss semantic differences between inheritance and subtype polymorphism and learn about object-oriented design patterns such as the "Template method" pattern. We will also dive into visibility and inheritance modifiers.
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  • In this video we will discover the primary value that Object Oriented programming has to offer: Dependency Inversion or Inversion of Control (IoC) via Subtype Polymorphism and dynamic dispatch. If you wish to be reminded of the benefits of IoC rewatch this video: which can almost be considered a prerequisite for this one. Not understanding the benefits of dependency inversion is a flaw no software developer can afford! As a by-product we will also learn how to pas...
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  • Fun little project for Scala beginners.
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  • In the previous video we learnt about the environment model of computation, which is necessary because Scala as most languages allows assignment to variables. In this video we combine all the knowledge we have gathered so far and use it to derive an entire programming style called message passing style. We will derive it from the environment model of computation and eventually we will see how an entire paradigm is based on it.
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  • In this video we are going to start exploring the environment model of computation. We will also cover the substitution model for procedure application with both applicative- and normal-order evaluation. Furthermore we will see how the concept of garbage collection is based on the environment model of evaluation.
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  • In this video we are going to learn about models of computation and why they matter. We will quickly walk through the most prominent models and in the next video we will look at two of them in depth. The models discussed in this video are: substitution (with both applicative- and normal-order evaluation), environment and stream-processing. We also take a glimpse at thread-based as well as event-based concurrency models and even mention the actor model of computation.
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  • Hello racists.
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  • Discover the latest Scala articles, tutorials, libraries, and code snippets from around the web to keep your programming skills sharp
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  • A YouTube course about learning Scala as a first programming language. It offers a fresh look at Scala from the eyes of a programming beginner in contrast to a regular Scala beginner (a probable Java refugee).

    The course is ongoing. New videos are published every Sunday.
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  • I have been writing scala blogs. This is a documentation my journey into Scala. There are much better resources but they lack perspective. It is difficult to write one too since they are all language references. This is written from a Java -> Scala developer perspective. They are in no way a replacement for the wonderful books out there, but I think programmers can learn a thing or two from it
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  • If I just had a variable in my ugly HTML...
    So I wouldn't have to repeat all those Bootstrap classes and could change them at one place...
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    1. So, what does this company do?
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  • Reusable scalajs-react components.

    We are trying to make the experience of using javascript components in scala.js as good as possible by adding typed wrappers.
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  • How to use Each?
    Why it works?
    Using on our own
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