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  • v0.11.0 Changes

    October 27, 2015

    Spire has two new core maintainers: Rüdiger Klaehn and Denis Rosset.

    📦 The spire-scalacheck-binding package has been renamed to spire-laws. 📦 The spire-extras package has been introduced, for types that are less widely-used (but still useful).

    ➕ Additions:

    • Added spire.math.Merging for merging arrays
    • Added qcombine (for generic Monoids)
    • More benchmarks (Rational, SafeLong, ...)
    • Scalastyle plugin and code clean up
    • Scoverage plugin and coverage tracking
    • Type class instances for java.math.BigInteger
    • Useful .as syntax for converting literals

    🔄 Changes:

    • Move FixedPoint into extras
    • Improve Rational implemenation (clearer structure, faster)

    🛠 Fixes:

    • Improved equality (===) support
    • Lots of documentation bug fixes and typo correction
    • Fixed unary - for unsigned int/long
    • Clean up Arbitrary/Gen instances
    • Drastically-improved test coverage for SafeLong, Rational, etc.
    • Fixed bugs around ceil method
  • v0.10.1 Changes

    🚀 (Version 0.10.0 was aborted due to errors during the release.)

    🛠 Fixes:

    • Major refactor/improvements to Algebraic (Tom Switzer)
    • Remove unneeded imports (Kenji Yoshida)
    • Fix SBT build (Kenji Yoshida)
    • Update README to display correct mailing list (Pablo Pita)
    • Remove superfluous Interval#min param (Siddhartha Gadgil)
    • Fix code examples in README (Kevin Meredith)
    • Add support for pattern matching SafeLong (Kevin Meredith)
    • Improve Opt and add tests (Alec Zorab)
    • Fix tail recursion with Opt (Kenji Yoshida)
    • Remove ApproximationContext entirely (Erik Osheim)
    • Update sbt, scala and library versions (Kazuhiro Sera)
    • Fix hashCode/equals for polynomials (Erik Osheim)
    • Add pretty stringifcation to polynomials (Rüdiger Klaehn)
    • Many new polynomial tests (Rüdiger Klaehn)
    • Fix cooperative equality on Rational (Erik Osheim)
    • Create for implementation docs (Rüdiger Klaehn)
    • Improve Interval tests, fix bugs (Denis Rosset)
    • Add PCG-based Generator (Alexey Romanov)
    • Fix Float/Double GCD bugs (Tom Switzer)
    • Improve SafeLong test coverage (Erik Osheim)
    • Improve Rational test coverage, fix bugs (Rüdiger Klaehn)
    • Many Rational efficiency improvements (Rüdiger Klaehn)
    • Add scoverage support (Rüdiger Klaehn)
    • Fix ULong bugs (Erik Osheim)
  • v0.9.1 Changes

    • Interval bug fixes (Denis Rosset)
    • Efficiency improvements for Rational (Rüdiger Klaehn)
    • Improve and document NumberTag (Tom Switzer)
    • Add support and tests for partial actions (Denis Rosset)
    • Add Opt[_] type for unboxed optional values (Denis Rosset)
    • Add Gitter chat room to README (Erik Osheim)
    • Fix bug with root-finding for Long values (Erik Osheim)
  • v0.9.0 Changes

    🏗 The project now builds with Scala 2.11.4 by default.

    ⚡️ This was a major update with many additions, changes, and bug fixes.

    ➕ Additions:

    • Added and reworked group actions (Denis Rosset)
    • Add Lattices and Heyting algebras (Erik Osheim)
    • More useful symbolic operators (Erik Osheim)
    • Introduce Exponential[A] distribution (Erik Osheim)
    • Introduce NumberTag[A] type class (Erik Osheim)

    🛠 Fixes:

    • Fix typos (Ben Barnard)
    • Fix possible overflow for Complex norm (William Waites)
    • Reduce macro warnings building Spire (Erik Osheim & Tom Switzer)
    • Add missing Number implicits (Erik Osheim)
    • Replace sys.error with proper Exceptions (Tom Switzer)
    • Fix Rational(0D) constructor bug (Tom Switzer)
    • Fix Trilean bug (Erik Osheim)
    • Fix SafeLong bugs (Erik Osheim)
    • Fix Jet bugs (Robert Garden & Erik Osheim)
    • Fix Interval parsing (Ruediger Klaehn)

    🔄 Changes:

    • Major interval improvements and bug fixes (Denis Rosset)
    • Improve Gaussian[A] distribution using Ziggurat (Erik Osheim)
    • Use aggreate instead of fold to enable parallelism (Adam Pingel)
    • Clarified and improved partial orders (Denis Rosset)
    • Improve Checked arithmetic macros (Tom Switzer & Erik Osheim)
    • Remove almost all closure allocations in SafeLong (Erik Osheim)
    • Made type classes universal traits where possible
    • Update library dependency versions
  • v0.8.2 Changes

    🏗 The project now builds for 2.11.2 by default.

    ➕ Additions:

    • ➕ added Well1024a, Well19937a, Well19937c, Well44497a, and Well44497b generators (Dušan Kysel)
    • ➕ added Ziggurat generator for random variables with Gaussian and Exponential distributions (Dušan Kysel)
    • ➕ added PartialOrder[A] (Denis Rosset)
    • ➕ added free algebras (Tom Switzer)
    • ➕ added optional unicode operators (Erik Osheim)
    • ➕ added Trilean, a three-valued logic type (Erik Osheim)
    • ➕ added segmented sieve for prime generation (Erik Osheim)
    • ➕ added Random[A] monad (Erik Osheim)

    🛠 Fixes:

    • specialized GroupAction (Tom Switzer)
    • 👌 improved Well512a implementation (Dušan Kysel)
    • 🛠 Interval[A] bug fixes (Denis Rosset and Erik Osheim)
    • major improvements to FpFilter and related machinery (Tom Switzer)
    • standardized numeric conversions (Erik Osheim)

    🔄 Changes:

    • 📇 renamed BooleanAlgebra[A] -> Bool[A] (Erik Osheim)
    • 👍 migrated to machinist for ops support (Erik Osheim)
    • 🔨 refactored spire.random package structure (Erik Osheim)

    🚀 (Versions 0.8.0 and 0.8.1 were skipped due to release problems.)

  • v0.7.5 Changes

    (Need to reconstruct these notes for versions 0.7.5 and earlier.)