Spark Utils v0.6 Release Notes

  • 0.6.2

    • 🛠 Fixed core dependency to scala-utils; now using scala-utils-core
    • Refactored the core/implicits package to make the implicits a little more explicit


    • 📚 Small dependencies and documentation improvements
    • 📚 The documentation needs to be further reviewed
    • The project is split into two modules: spark-utils-core and spark-utils-io
    • 🚚 The project moved to Apache Spark 3.0.1, which is a popular choice for the Databricks Cluster users
    • The project is only compiled on Scala 2.12
    • 👻 There is a major redesign of core components, mainly returning Try[_] for better exception handling
    • ⚡️ Dependencies updates