Scrooge v21.11.0 Release Notes

  • ⚙ Runtime Behavior Changes

    * scrooge-serializer: concrete implementations of the `ThriftStructSerializer`
      trait in the `c.t.scrooge.` package now cache the value of its `maxReusableBufferSize`
      flag for the duration of the application. This improves performance but also makes them
      not observe changes to the flag. The value of this flag typically does not change during
      run time of an application, so this is deemed an acceptable tradeoff. ``PHAB_ID=D783669``
    * 👍 scrooge-generator: support language-flag "immutable-sequences" to generate Scala 2.13 compatible
      `scala.Seq` alias as `scala.collection.immutable.Seq`. and allows toggling the new behavior via
      language-flag during code generation. ``PHAB_ID=D793036``