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  • v19.7.0

    • 🗄 scrooge-generator: A deprecated $FinagleClient constructor which does not 🚚 use RichClientParam has been removed. PHAB_ID=D335831
  • v19.6.0

    No Changes

  • v19.5.1

    No Changes

  • v19.5.0

    • scrooge-generator: Extensions of (ReqRep)ServicePerEndpoint now provide a proper filtered method by default. PHAB_ID=D309920
  • v19.4.0

    No Changes

  • v19.3.0

    No Changes

  • v19.2.0

    No Changes

  • v19.1.0

    • ⚡️ Update asm, cglib, jmock dependencies PHAB_ID=D250175

    • scrooge-generator: Add an immutable argument to Generator#genType that makes it easier to use immutable types when generating constants. PHAB_ID=D270863

  • v18.12.0

    • scrooge-generator: Set a LocalContext value with the current Thrift method in the generated Java and Scala code such that the application Service[-R, +R] being executed has access to information about the current Thrift method being invoked. PHAB_ID=D241295
  • v18.11.0

    • scrooge-generator: Allow for Filter.TypeAgnostic filters to be applied to a generated Java Service via a new constructor that takes an additional argument of a Filter.TypeAgnostic. This filter is then applied per generated method service. PHAB_ID=D235709