One of the most useful, and most fraught, functions in Akka is ask. On the one hand, it is invaluable for writing clear, understandable code -- after all, the pattern of "Send this message, and then do that with the result" makes loads of sense, and it's usually easy to see what the code is trying to do.

On the other hand, ask is something of a landmine in practice, because it violates the most important invariant of Actors: there should never be code lexically inside of the Actor that doesn't run within the Actor's receive loop. ask returns a Future, and that Future will be run out-of-band, at some random time in the future. It can happen in parallel with running receive code, or not. There is lots of danger there, and it is easy to cause erratic, hard-to-reproduce bugs.

(Not to mention the fact that sender probably won't be set to the value you expect during the response handler. One of the easiest Akka traps to fall into is using sender during a Future, which almost never works.)

This library introduces request, which you can think of as the better-behaved big brother of ask. The look and feel is similar, but there is one crucial difference: the response handler from request is not Future, and it runs inside the normal receive loop. Also, unlike ask, request preserves the value of sender. The result is that you can safely write straightforward, intuitive, composable code for complex multi-Actor operations.

Programming language: Scala
Tags: Distributed Systems     Akka     Async    

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