Reactor-Scala-Extensions v0.8.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-08-10 // almost 4 years ago
  • 🍱 ❗️(Potential) Breaking Changes

    • Removing cats-effect and its related operator that uses classes from cats-effect.
      ➕Added Operators
    • SMono.retryWhen(Retry)
    • implicit Context.getOrNone (#71)
    • SFlux.fromLazyList for 2.13
    • SMono.using and SMono.usingWhen to replace SMono.bracket and SMono.bracketCase respectively
    • SFlux.using and SFlux.usingWhen to replace SFlux.bracket and SFlux.bracketCase respectively

    🍱 👋 Deprecated Operators

    • SFlux.retry in favor of SFlux.retryWhen(Retry)
    • SMono.retry and SMono.retryWhen. Use SMono.retryWhen(Retry)
    • SFlux.fromStream for 2.13. Use SFlux.fromLazyList for 2.13

    ➖ Removed Operators

    • SMono.bracket and SMono.bracketCase
    • SFlux.bracket and SFlux.bracketCase

    🛠️Build - Code coverage - Continuous Integration - Dependencies

    • ⚡️ Updated sbt to 1.3.13
    • 🚀 Update reactor to 3.3.8.RELEASE

    🍱 🙏Thanks to the following contributors

Previous changes from v0.7.1

  • 🍱 ❗️(Potential) Breaking Changes

    • SFlux. scan parameter is changed to reference value. The original SFlux.scan with by-name parameter is now renamed to SFlux.scanWith (#61)

    ➕Added Operators

    • 🗄 SFlux.foldWith this will align closer to scala collection operators, which will make SFlux.reduceWith deprecated (#61)
    • SFlux.scanWith similar to SFlux.scan, but use by-name parameter (#61)
    • SFlux.product to multiply all the emitted value if they're Numeric
    • SMono.+ to sum the value of this SMono and another SMono if the value type is Numeric
    • SMono.- to subtract the value of this SMono and another SMono if the value type is Numeric
    • SMono.* to multiply the value of this SMono and another SMono if the value type is Numeric

    🍱 👋 Deprecated Operators

    • SFlux. reduceWith. Use SFlux.foldWith (#61)

    ➖ Removed Operators

    • SFlux.foldLeft. This is an alias for SFlux.fold. In reactive-stream, there is only one way from front to back hence there is no concept of foldLeft or foldRight. (#61)

    🍱 🐞Bug Fixed

    • SFlux.asJava and SMono.asJava will return an in-variant type to retain the semantic of previous code and avoid the need to cast. (#69)

    🛠️Build - Code coverage - Continuous Integration

    • ✅ Compiled and tested using scala 2.12.11 for 2.12 branch
    • ✅ Compiled and tested using scala 2.13.2 for 2.13 branch
    • Code coverage now is 82.83%

    🍱 🙏Thanks to the following contributors