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  • Play

    9.9 9.6 Scala
    Makes it easy to build scalable, fast and real-time web applications with Java & Scala.
  • Scalatra

    9.3 8.4 Scala
    Tiny Scala high-performance, async web framework, inspired by Sinatra.
  • Finatra

    9.2 9.0 Scala
    A sinatra-inspired web framework for scala, running on top of Finagle.
  • sangria

    8.8 2.8 Scala
    Scala GraphQL implementation
  • Lift

    8.8 7.4 Scala
    Secure and powerful full stack web framework (discussion).
  • Colossus

    8.3 1.2 Scala
    lightweight framework for building high-performance applications in Scala that require non-blocking network I/O.
  • Unfiltered

    7.4 7.5 Scala
    A modular set of unopinionated primitives for servicing HTTP and WebSocket requests in Scala.
  • Skinny Framework

    7.3 6.7 Scala
    A full-stack web app framework upon Scalatra for rapid Development in Scala.
  • Chaos

    7.2 0.0 Scala
    A lightweight framework for writing REST services in Scala.
  • scalajs-react

    6.5 8.5 Scala
    Facebook's React on Scala.JS
  • Socko

    5.6 0.0 Scala
    An embedded Scala web server powered by Netty networking and Akka processing.
  • Reactive

    5.2 6.7 Scala
    FRP and web abstractions, which can be plugged into any web framework (currently only has bindings for Lift).
  • youi

    4.4 9.2 Scala
    Next generation user interface framework and server engine for Scala and Scala.js.
  • suzaku

    3.8 0.0 Scala
    Suzaku web UI framework for Scala
  • Fintrospect

    2.5 6.3 Scala
    Library that adds an intelligent HTTP routing layer to the Finagle RPC framework from Twitter.
  • Play Pagelets

    2.4 3.3 Scala
    A Module for the Play Framework to build resilient and modular Play applications in an elegant and concise manner.
  • Xitrum

    1.4 3.4 HTML
    An async and clustered Scala web framework and HTTP(S) server fusion on top of Netty, Akka, and Hazelcast.
  • peregine

    1.2 0.0 Scala
    A simple and async lightweight Scala web framework.
  • Analogweb

    0.3 2.6 L5 Java
    Tiny, simple, and pluggable web framework in Scala.