LynxKite v4.3.0 Release Notes

    • ⬆️ Upgraded to Apache Spark 3.1.2. This also brought us up to Scala 2.12, Java 11, Play Framework 2.8.7, and new versions of some other dependencies. #178 #184
    • ✅ The "Custom plot" box now lets you use the latest version of Vega-Lite by directly writing JSON instead of going through the Vegas Scala DSL.
    • 🔧 Logistic regression models can now be configured to use elastic net regularization.
    • Boxes used as steps in a wizard are highlighted in the workspace view by a faint glow. #183
    • "Compute in Python" boxes can be used on tables. #160
    • Added a "Draw ROC curve" built-in custom box. #197
    • 🐎 Performance and compatibility improvements. #188 #194