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  • v2.8.0 Changes

    • Upgraded to Spark 2.4.3.
  • v2.7.0 Changes

    • Removed jars with gpl licenses.
    • 50+ different color maps are now available for vertex and edge coloring, defaulting to Viridis for new visualization boxes.
    • Files can be overwritten by export operations.
    • Bugfixes and performance improvements.
  • v2.6.2 Changes

    • Bugfixes for ecosystem Docker image and LynxKite.
    • You can change the length of the protection period for the newly created data files through the Python API. Data files not older than this protection period are not deleted by the cleaner. (LynxKite.set_cleaner_min_age(days))
    • Ecosystem docker image now includes JupyterLab.
    • LynxKite can be set up to allow normal file access (that is, circumvent its prefix mechanism).
  • v2.6.1 Changes

    • Scheduling of snapshot sequences and workspace sequences is timezone aware in Python API.
    • Added basic integration with Neo4j through the Import Neo4j operation. Allows importing data from either Node or Relationship objects from Neo4j.
  • v2.6.0 Changes

    • Fixed an issue where "Derived" operations could not be run in non-local mode.
    • The Python API now allows running external computations using the @external decorator.
    • Upgraded to Apache Spark 2.3.2.
    • You can change the number of executors used by LynxKite through the Python API. (LynxKite.set_executors())
  • v2.5.0 Changes

    • Cleaner works again! Just pick "Cleaner" from the user menu as an administrator and click buttons to free up space.
    • Inputs for SQL boxes can be given custom names.
    • Snapshot content can be viewed inside the workspace browser.
  • v2.4.1 Changes

    • The list of custom boxes, shown on the UI, is limited to special directories built-ins, custom_boxes, a/custom_boxes, a/b/custom_boxes,... when we edit the workspace a/b/.../workspace_name.
    • Snapshots are automatically overwritten on save.
    • Input recipes don't trigger on rerun only if the snapshot produced by a previous run is manually deleted.
  • v2.4.0 Changes

    • Working ecosystem for LynxKite 2
    • Users can generate Python API code from a whole workspace or from selected boxes.
    • Ray tracing graph visualization for striking presentations.
  • v2.3.0 Changes

    • Upgraded to Apache Spark 2.3.0.
    • Administrators can now restart LynxKite from the user menu.
    • String attributes now support lexicographic filtering.
    • Improved layout in graph visualizations.
    • LynxKite-specific functions added to SQL: geodistance(), most_common() and string_intersect(). See the documentation for details.
    • Bug fixes and improvements focusing on supporting the new Python API (coming soon).
  • v2.2.1 Changes

    • Fixed a frontend issue where the browser's connection pool would be exhausted.