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  • v0.9.1 Changes

    • 🏗 2016.08.24 - There was an error in the build that caused longevity poms to refer to the emblem GitHub project, instead of the longevity GitHub project. This release fixes that. There are no code changes whatsoever.
  • v0.9.0 Changes

    • 2016.07.12 - Completely rework KeyVal and Key for improved understandability and ease of use. please see the manual for details.
    • 2016.07.12 - Assocs are gone. please use KeyVals and Keys instead.
    • 2016.07.12 - a PType's properties and keys are now only realized when the Subdomain is constructed. this should have no affect on the user, except that some exceptions for malformed properties will be delayed until Subdomain initialization. also, properties created outside of PType.propSet will no longer work.
    • 2016.06.23 - shorthands are gone. please use single-property embeddables such as ValueObject instead.
    • 2016.06.21 - single-property embeddables are now inlined. this has no affect on the user other than how the persistents are translated into JSON/BSON.
    • 2016.06.20 - add parent types Embeddable and EType for Entity, ValueObject, EntityType, and ValueType.
    • 2016.06.10 - add noop query Query.All().
    • 2016.06.07 - add method Deleted.get.
    • 2016.06.07 - fix method names LiftFPState.mapRoot, LiftFPState.flatMapRoot, LiftFOPState.mapRoot, and LiftFOPState.flatMapRoot by replacing Root with P.
    • 👍 2016.06.01 - CoreDomain, SupportingSubdomain and GenericSubdomain are now actual traits that extend Subdomain (instead of just type aliases). this allows users to directly subclass these three types if they wish.
  • v0.8.1 Changes

    • 2016.06.01 - make Akka streams non-optional dependency. difficult-to-resolve linking problems occur when this is optional. we might revisit this later but for now the best solution is to make it non-optional.
  • v0.8.0 Changes

    • 2016.05.24 - add API method Repo.streamByQuery(query: Query[P]): Source[PState[P], NotUsed].
  • v0.7.0 Changes

    • 2016.05.18 - users can now subclass Shorthand.
    • 2016.05.12 - PType and sub-classes no longer take an implicit ShorthandPool argument.
    • 👍 2016.05.12 - Subdomain, CoreDomain, SupportingSubdomain, and GenericSubdomain factory method signatures have changed. They now have a single parameter list, and the ShorthandPool parameter is no longer implicit.
    • 2016.05.12 - Persistent no longer inherits from Entity. PType no longer inherits from EntityType. these changes should not affect user code.
    • 2016.05.12 - modify Subdomain.apply to separate out entityTypePool into pTypePool and entityTypePool.
    • 2016.05.12 - add PolyType, DerivedType, PolyPType, and DerivedPType. see user manual.
    • 📦 2016.05.12 - move the following classes from package longevity.subdomain to package longevity.subdomain.entity:
      • EntityTypePool
      • EntityType
      • Entity
      • ValueObject
      • ValueType
  • v0.6.0 Changes

    • 2016.03.02 - add implicit execution context parameter to: all Repo methods; RepoPool.createMany; and LongevityContext.repoCrudSpec and inMemTestRepoCrudSpec. users now need to provide execution contexts to use all these methods. the easiest way to do this is to include import at the top of the file.
    • ⚡️ 2016.03.08 - update to latest version of library dependencies casbah (3.1.1) and cassandra (3.0.0).
    • 2016.03.08 - add sub-projects longevity-cassandra-deps and longevity-mongo-deps.
    • 2016.03.10 - replace Root with Persistent. give Persistent three child traits: Root, ViewItem, and Event. these changes should not affect existing code that uses Root.
    • 2016.03.10 - replace RootType with PType. give PType three child traits: RootType, View, and EventType. these changes should not affect existing code that uses RootType.
    • 2016.03.25 - rework PType API for keySet and indexSet. please see the latest documentation for a review of the new API.
  • v0.5.0 Changes

    • 2016.01.12 - rename RootType.keys to RootType.keySet.
    • 2016.01.12 - rename RootType.indexes to RootType.indexSet.
    • 2016.03.01 - add Cassandra back end.
    • 🗄 2016.03.01 - deprecate all methods that allow for use of a string property path in place of a Prop. affected methods are RootEntity.{ key, index }, Query.{ eqs, neq, lt, lte, gt, gte }, and the corresponging methods in the QueryDsl.
    • 2016.03.01 - rework QuerySpec.
    • 2016.03.02 - provide a parent trait PRef for Assoc and KeyVal. merge the two versions of the Repo methods retrieve and retrieveOne so that they take a PRef. this shouldn't affect any client code.
  • v0.4.1

  • v0.4.0